Abandoned boy without limbs finds a happy home

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Bowen, a boy without limbs, had everything going against him. But with the help of a loving family, he proves that nothing should keep us from living life to the fullest.

Everything about Bowen’s birth seemed like he was destined for a life of loneliness. Born without arms and legs, he was abandoned as a baby outside an orphanage in Belgrade, Serbia.

For the first five months of his life, he was isolated and neglected, developing problems with speech because he had minimal human interaction.

The caregivers, being unable to manage the crowded orphanage, did not really have time to even carry him so he had issues with mobility because he seldom left his crib.

But everything changed when Devon and Jeremy Toomey, an American couple looking to adopt, stumbled upon his photo (on a special-needs adoption website), they were immediately drawn to the boy.

It was something in his eyes. Looking at him, something just clicked and they knew he was who they were looking for.

Soon, Bowen was making the 13-hour flight to his new home in Idaho, USA.

He proved to be a quick learner and quickly adapted to life in the US. They Toomey's saw great potential in their new son and continued to care for him as if he was their own.

Five years later, the once withdrawn boy thrived as a part of the Toomey family. Their love and nurturing empowered the boy without limbs to rise above limitations. He became independent and self-sufficient.

Now he is described as an energetic and fun-loving little boy who loves reading, swimming, and drawing. He is now in first grade and is enjoying a pair of prosthetic legs, which he fondly calls his “spiderman legs”.

Even at young age, Bowen proves that nothing is impossible and that hope exists even in the darkest places.


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