A year of parenting – your world turned upside-down!

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Parenting is all about when 'me' turns into 'we'. Read these great comics about what a year of parenting is like - any parent will be able to relate them without a doubt!

Parenting – the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world. Once that little person comes into your life, your whole world gets turned upside down – literally!

We found these great comics by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics that we think perfectly sum up what a year of parenting is like. Enjoy!


This is hilarious – and so true! Gone are the days when you come back home after work, cook a nice meal with your partner which you may choose to eat with the music of your choice playing in the background.

After dinner, you put your feet up and relax together till it’s time for bed. All at your own pace of course.

Enter kids into your life. Your whole day revolves around them. Your day is divided into ‘times’ – naptime, mealtime, playtime and so on. Gone is the soothing music playing in the background during mealtimes.

It’s now replaced with shrill voices singing nursery rhymes from Baby TV or the Hotdog Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (parents – admit it, you know the lyrics by heart!) depending on how old your kid is.

Peaceful mealtimes…what are those? More like a mini battlefield with liberal splatterings of food on the table, highchair, your clothes, the walls, the ceiling!


Goodbye quiet meal-times; hello little mess!

And then there are the never-ending risks that seemingly innocent household items pose once junior comes along. Who knew that your toddler would find soap (but not that yummy home-made meal you made) so delicious?

The bathroom (especially the toilet bowl) holds wonderful mysteries that must be explored by your curious kid.

My boys just love climbing onto the toilet seat if they get the chance – one flushes the toilet non-stop while the other leans precariously over to the sink and opens the tap!

Plug-points are oh-so-tempting and that stack of books – hazard alert! Not even the pet is left alone – whiskers, ears and tails are so tempting to little hands and just beg to be pulled.

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