A Unique Way to Bond With Your Kids

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The "Community In Bloom" programme provides families a unique way to spend their time together. Currently, there are about 350 active gardening groups scattered all over the island.

A growing number of Singaporeans are involved in the "Community in Bloom" programme started by the National Parks (NParks) in 2005. The programme hopes to encourage Singaporeans, both young and old, to collaboratively create a "green" Singapore.

Currently, there are about 350 gardening groups scattered all over the island. These groups are comprised of people who come from a variety of backgrounds. They all come together to share their knowledge on gardening and to make an impact on the environment.

If you are running out of ideas on how to bond with your kids, why don't you join one of the active groups under the "Community in Bloom" programme. Not only do you get to have fun with your whole family, you also help them to make a significant contribution in the community.

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Written by

Karen Mira