A mum’s best friend – Spanx Shapewear!

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If you haven't heard of Spanx shapewear before, this is a must-read article. Find out how Spanx shapewear can flatter your figure and give you a smooth, sexy silhouette. Don't forget to check out the video at the end of the story to see just how this shapewear works!

Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are beautiful, unique and life-changing experiences. But ladies, let’s admit it — as wonderful as all these experiences are, the post-pregnancy body can be confronting to say the least.

It’s the soft, slightly droopy belly that just won’t go away. The huge breasts and thighs. The ‘tuck-shop’ arms. Pregnancy seems to have this knack of depositing extra flesh exactly where you don’t want it.


Of course, with adequate exercise and proper diet, it is possible to get back your pre-natal figure eventually. But at the end of some stressful days, all a mummy wants to do is stuff her face full of char kway teow and chocolate, and collapse in a heap on the bed or sofa.

On days like this (which is most days for many mums!) even thinking about exercise is tiring.

So what’s a mother to do when she has to squeeze herself into a cocktail dress for a dinner party, or wear that pencil skirt for a job interview?

Should she just say the kids are sick and not go to the dinner party, or wear a sack to the interview? Actually… no!

She just needs to be introduced to shapewear — Spanx shapewear to be precise!

What is shapewear?

Shapewear are undergarments designed to temporarily alter the shape of a woman’s body, resulting in a smoother, sleeker look especially when wearing tightly fitted clothes.

There are different kinds of shapewear that target different parts of your body. So while one could flatten your tummy, another might slim down your thighs and hips.

Spanx founder Sarah Blakeley

Spanx founder Sarah Blakeley

The Spanx story

Spanx founder Sarah Blakeley developed the idea of her amazing shapewear around 10 years ago. She had to wear pantyhose in the hot Florida weather for her door-to-door sales job, but didn’t like the appearance of the seamed foot while wearing open-toed shoes.

However, she liked the fact that the control-top eliminated panty lines and made the body appear firmer.

So she experimented by cutting off the feet of her pantyhose while wearing them under a pair of pants — but this didn’t work as the pantyhose continuously rolled up her legs.

Determined to produce a revolutionary new product that could give women the appearance of a sleeker silhouette, she developed her Spanx shapewear.

Now, she is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, and Spanx is perhaps the most popular brand of shapewear in the world.

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