A checklist: a new mummy's first step

A checklist: a new mummy's first step

Rosvinder Kaur, a new mummy found herself making a newborn checklist for all the things she needed to take care of her little one. Read on as she shares the different lists she's made in her new journey

We make lists all the time. Whether we're single, married with kids, without kids, working or not. We make lists early in the morning before they leave for work, in the afternoon when baby is asleep or even in the evening lying in bed. You know you have made lists. Possibly in the middle of a meeting, nodding earnestly at your boss who is yakking away or while baby lies contently on your lap.

We make lists for all reasons. A grocery list for that themed barbeque party at home. A guest list for who deserves to be invited. A packing list for a holiday for those who were not. You get the idea.

I do it. I admit it. I love ticking off the list, even better crossing out items in a dark bold marker. Crazy? Maybe. Efficient? Definitely. Whatever works, baby.


When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to create a newborn checklist. It was a result of visiting several pretty nurseries, walking around baby stores and most importantly, chatting with experienced mums. My list got shorter the more time I spent with mummies.

More often than not, I would meet these experienced mummies and they would exclaim, “Why on earth would you need a duck thermometer? Just use your elbow!” Or “Don’t waste money on too many ready-made swaddles, baby will outgrow them in no time!”

I think that meeting those mummies helped me save a buck or two. And yes, they were abso-baby-lutely right.  But I soon realised there are two different kinds of mummies;

  • The mummy who buys everything for her baby without first thinking if she needs it or not. After all, if it’s our first born, we should just get it.
  • The budget conscious mummy who is thick skinned enough to ask others for used baby stuff. She has probably raised her nephew/niece and knows how quickly babies outgrow clothes and

Both of them have something in common. They need a list. So why not a ‘baby list’?

It won’t be the same for all mummies. You will definitely cross out a few things or add on more items. But that’s what being a mummy is about, isnt’ it? Learning how to meet your baby’s demands.

  • Lists help you get started, you may not need everything
  • You can ask friends with babies if they can pass you stuff
  • Some things you can wait till later to buy

Enjoy the newborn checklist I created. I have hosted it on SG50Mummy and I hope it helps you get started on your preparation for your little one. I believe it’s important to share useful information. And yes, this article is done. My ‘to-do list’ for the day is complete.

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Rosvinder Kaur

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