9-year old drives Ferrari

A video of a 9-year old boy driving a Ferrari has received fast and furious responses from all around the world. To find out both sides of this controversial issue, check out this article.

shutterstock_118510234Most 9-year old boys would probably get presents like action figures, board games or toy cars for their birthday. One 9-year old boy in New Delhi however, wished for the chance to drive his father’s Ferrari and amazingly, his father granted him that wish! The boy’s mother took a video of the whole experience and posted it on YouTube causing a large brouhaha which resulted in the video going viral. Read on to find out more.

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About the case

According to a report published on the insing website, Mohammed Nisham, a businessman, allowed his 9-year old son to drive the Ferrari F430 around with his 5-year old brother in the passenger seat. The mother, Amal Nisham was the one who took a video of the incident while Mohammed Nisham uploaded the video onto YouTube. In a rather surprising turn of events, Mohammed Nisham was subsequently arrested for allowing his young son to drive the sports car. The incident has sparked a furious debate as netizens and journalists weigh in on the issue.

Reasons behind the controversy

There are several underlying reasons why many people seemed to have reacted so negatively to the incident.

-Firstly, the boy is underage and has no driving license and thus the boy should never have been allowed to drive the Ferrari.

-Secondly, a 9-year old boy driving a Ferrari does not merely pose a threat to his own safety, but to everyone else around him as well should he lose control of the car.

-Thirdly, many people are infuriated that the parents are taking the issue of underage driving so lightly

-Finally, many people are accusing the parents of spoiling their children due to their parenting methods.

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Mother defends her husband

In an interview conducted with the mother by NDTV, the mother is seen justifying her husband’s decision to let their son drive the Ferrari and states there the couple have gotten supportive reactions as well. When asked what motivated the couple to allow their young son to take the wheel, the mother responds that their son ‘is a pretty confident driver’ and she seems startled by all the attention the video has garnered. The mother explains that ‘ The son has also driven other cars such as a Land Rover and a Bentley’ and maintains that her son is a good driver as she adds ‘ As for the safety, if you see the YouTube carefully, you can see he is pretty careful about the humps and all that, he is taking it very carefully’. The mother also argues that she was present during the incident to help ensure that other kids were not around so that it would be safe for her son to drive.