9 Weird weight loss tricks that actually work

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These may sound strange, but they could actually help you reach your fitness goals!

Though you can’t go wrong with the right diet and exercise, if you’re in need of an extra push on your weight loss journey, try these weird weight loss tips. They may sound bizarre, but they might actually be able to help!

1. Eat something sweet with breakfast

For those of you with a sweet tooth, we suggest that you add something sweet to your breakfast—some chocolate chips in your oats or a strawberry crepe, maybe. This’ll prevent you from binging on a pint of ice cream later in the day.

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2. Eat a bigger breakfast

Studies have shown that people who eat larger breakfasts generally lose more weight than those who ate a smaller breakfast.

3. Drink warm water

A cold glass of water does sound more refreshing, but a glass of warm water can make you feel fuller more quickly, reducing your food intake.

4. Light up a vanilla candle

The smell of vanilla calms your brain and supposedly dampens your cravings for dessert.

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