86-Year-old man teaches himself to knit so he can make caps for preemies

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You're never too old to pick up a new skill and help others, as this grandpa has proven.

It’s never too late for you to pick up a new skill! Just look at 86-year-old Ed Moseley, a retiree who taught himself how to knit so he could make handmade caps for premature babies.

When his assisted living facility asked its residents to knit caps for premature babies, Moseley was on board right away. However, there was one snag: he had never knitted in his life.

And so, the former engineer reached out to his daughter for help.

“When they started this project a few months back, I told my daughter about it and I said, ‘How can I knit? What do I need to do?’ And bless her heart, she went to Jo-Anns [Fabrics] and got a kit, yarn and instruction kit for me. So I started slowly and learned it just takes patience,” he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I started slowly and learned it just takes patience”

It initially took Moseley almost 3 hours to finish his first hat, Inside Edition reports. Now, he can finish a hat in an hour and a half, and usually knits as he watches TV.

He’s knitted over 50 preemie hats in different colors, and has inspired others to learn how to knit, including other residents and kids at his granddaughter’s school. Soon, people began dropping off knitted caps and balls of yarn to his room. On World Prematurity Day, he was able to donate 350 caps to Northside Hospital—200 more than his initial goal.

Moseley, who is battling cancer, likes using his time to help others. Last year, he helped hundreds of women and children in need by filling shoeboxes with toiletries. After this latest project, he has discovered that he enjoys knitting, and still knits for family and friends today.

“I am taking orders right now,” he said. “As they long as they furnish the yarn, I don’t charge anything.”

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