This 8-week-old baby’s incredibly thick head of hair is turning heads everywhere

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8-week-old Junior Noons' luxurious locks have earned him the nickname "Baby Bear"

An 8-week-old baby in Ireland has bouffant so thick that he’s got the whole internet doing double takes. Junior Noon has earned the nickname of “Baby Bear” because of his incredible head of hair.

“When he was born it was quite thick but everyone said it would stop and that a lot of it would fall out,” his mother Chelsea Noon explained to The Mirror.

baby with thick hair

Photo: juniorcoxnoons/Instagram

Normally that is exactly what happens. According to What to Expect, newborns usually shed their hair during the first six months, some even going from a full head of hair to a bare head.

However, Junior’s hair didn’t fall out, but instead, just continued to grow so much that it started to stick up. His hair got so thick that he has to have it blow-dried as it would take too long to air-dry.

Here’s a video of Baby Bear getting a blow-dry:

Now, his luxurious mane gets all the attention whenever he goes on trips to the supermarket. “Usually it takes me about 40 minutes to do my weekly shop in Asda and now it takes me two hours,” Chelsea added.

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