8-month-old baby loses both eyes to cancer, parents refuse donations

8-month-old baby loses both eyes to cancer, parents refuse donations

The inspiring story of a Taiwanese couple struggling to get by after their baby had her eyes removed due to cancer has gone viral.

Mr and Mrs Huang's youngest daughter had an operation to remove her eyeballs at just four months, due to eye cancer. She was diagnosed when she was only a few months old.

The couple, who have two other daughters – six and four year-olds – had to quit their jobs in China and move back to Taiwan for their baby daughter's treatment.

Their plight on making ends meet has gone viral due to a Facebook post that was shared by their friend, Ms Ai. It was shared more than 20,000 times and had close to 30,000 likes.

They now sell clothes online and at night markets as the flexible schedule allows them to take care of their daughters.

Ms Ai wrote in Mandarin: "As a mother, I completely understand her pain and sadness. I cannot imagine how much courage it takes to face all this."

Ms Ai persuaded her friends to pay the Huangs a visit at their night market stalls and shared their retail websites. Business had picked up for the Huangs as soon as her post got viral in Taiwan.

With no one to baby-sit, two of their girls waited on a step while their parents worked with the youngest slept in a pram near the stall.

The couple thanked the public for their support, but have refused donations, saying that there are people in worse circumstances.

Mums should learn from this inspiring story

Mums, do not give up if your child faces a health setback. Always think positively and remember that you are not alone. Seek help from families and friends, and look for fellow parents who are going through the same problems.

Inspiring stories such as Mdm Huangs' will help shed some light to parents who are silently suffering to provide the best for their child.

睡前要來分享個訊息,也懇請大家的善心幫助~~這是我大學同學Peggy Lin的寶寶,在剛出生幾個月後就被診斷出視網膜母細胞瘤,也就是俗稱的眼癌,在寶寶四個月大時不得不摘除了寶寶的雙眼....同為人母的我完全能感受體會到那種心痛與不捨...

Posted by 艾蘇美 on Sunday, December 27, 2015

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