7 Tips on How to Prevent Cheating in Your Marriage

7 Tips on How to Prevent Cheating in Your Marriage

Don't take your relationship for granted and work hard to stop infidelity before it starts

Sadly, more and more marriages and relationships are falling apart because of cheating. Some people even go into relationships thinking that infidelity is just a fact of life. But affairs are not normal, and we shouldn’t resign ourselves to the inevitability of cheating.

It’s important to note that if you ever get cheated on, it is not your fault. But you can prevent infidelity by looking out for the warning signs and making sure that you and your partner’s needs are met. The best way to prevent an affair is by making sure that your relationship is rock solid—both of you need to work hard to make it the best it can be. Here are some ways you can safeguard your relationship from cheating, from Redbook and Lifehack.

1. Prioritise each other

7 Tips on How to Prevent Cheating in Your Marriage

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If you notice that you spend your free time on social media instead of bonding with your husband, or if you see that he’d rather space out in front of the television instead of paying attention to you, you should realign your priorities. If you think that you need to prioritise your husband more, make more of an effort. If you feel like you’re being neglected, tell him how you feel so that he can attend to your needs.

2. Set out ground rules

Talk to your partner about how you expect each other to act with other people. For example, one of you might think that flirting with other people is harmless while the other might think that that qualifies as cheating. Laying out the ground rules will save both of you from future disagreements.

3. Be open with each other

Try to foster a kind of relationship where you can tell each other about anything and everything. Your partner should feel safe enough to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with you. An atmosphere of honesty and compassion will help you understand each other better so that you can better fulfil each other’s needs and wants.

4. Get physical

7 Tips on How to Prevent Cheating in Your Marriage

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Sexual fulfilment is extremely important for a healthy relationship, which is why you shouldn’t withhold sex and work towards real intimacy. If you don’t feel up for sex, it might be a good idea to do other activities that make you feel good about yourself. Being in a positive mood can do wonders for your sex life. If your husband doesn’t seem up for sex, don’t be afraid to initiate it. You might even want to schedule a weekly sex date—it might not sound romantic, but with kids and other responsibilities, it could do your marriage a lot of good.

5. Don’t let jealousy ruin your relationship

If you find yourself feeling jealous because your partner isn’t paying as much attention to you as they used to, don’t let it get the best of you. Instead, work harder to woo them. Lashing out on them doesn’t help, and might even drive your partner further away.

6. Get counselling

Couples therapy isn’t just for marriages that are in trouble. Therapy sessions can help you check in with each other better, fostering better communication. Instead of waiting for a major issue to blow up, get occasional but regular counselling and prevent them from happening in the first place.

7. Run away from opportunities to cheat

7 Tips on How to Prevent Cheating in Your Marriage

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If you feel yourself being attracted to a co-worker, or if a friend starts flirting with you, get yourself out of that situation. Try to stay away from situations that make it easy to cheat on your partner. This could be staying out late at a party without your partner, travelling alone, having too many independent activities, and so forth. As much as possible, do things together, and check in on each other regularly so that you feel connected throughout the day.

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