7 Areas where you should be applying your perfume

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Make your fragrance last all day long by spritzing the right areas

We usually apply our fragrances to our inner wrists and collarbones, and that’s not entirely wrong. However, there are other parts of your body that are ideal for perfumes—your pulse points, which tend to heat up. These hot spots will help diffuse your perfume, ensuring that you smell terrific all day long, without the touch-ups.

1. Hair

Though most people don’t spritz their crowning glories, your hair holds fragrances surprisingly well. Spray some perfume on a comb or brush and use that to distribute the scent evenly through your hair.

2. Behind your ears

Like your wrists, the areas behind your ears are also considered pulse points. This is a great alternative to spraying your neck area because the alcohol in your perfume can tarnish your necklaces.

perfume application

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3. Inside your elbows

This alternative to your wrists is also a hot spot ideal for fragrances.

4. In your bellybutton

Your navel radiates heat, which is why it’s an area that will enhance your scent and diffuse as you move around. Just dab a few drops of your fragrance in your bellybutton and you’re all set.

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