Which are the best children’s bookstores in Singapore?

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From Geronimo Stilton to classic Enid Blyton, we've found 6 of the best stores and sites to get children's books. Whether you like browsing physical or virtual books, you're bound to find some wonderful books here to fuel your little bookworm's love for reading.

Cultivating a passion for reading at a young age is a wonderful habit for children to grow up with. Parents can start reading to their children even when they are in the womb. Start as early as possible and your child will learn the joy of discovering new worlds through books.

Don’t worry about the condition of the books in the early years. Many toddlers “eat” their board books. Go ahead and read it to them anyway. Let them play with their books. It will teach them that books are just as much fun as toys.  As they get older, it will help if you enjoy reading yourself and your children see you reading regularly. Let them explore different genres and discuss their book choices with them.

So where do you find good children’s books in Singapore? We’ve had a look around and found some great children’s bookstores for your young reader. From Geronimo Stilton to classic Enid Blyton, these stores and sites offer your children amazing reading choices.



We hope this list if children’s bookstores serves your book-buying needs! If you have a favorite children’s bookstore or a hidden gem online site you use to buy your kids’ books, do share your recommendation us!

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