5 Tips on how to keep the romance alive during pregnancy

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Don't let the romance die during pregnancy; keep the spark alive with these tips

For most couples, pregnancy is far from the most romantic period in their relationship. With nausea and hormones wreaking havoc in women’s bodies, plus the anxiety that comes as you prepare for your new baby, it can be a little difficult to keep the fire burning.

So should you just relax and let nature take its course? No! Relationships are about work, and with pregnancy, both of you just need to put in more effort. Here are some tips to help you keep that spark alive during pregnancy.

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1. Don’t forget date nights

You’ve got a lot of preparing to do, yes, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect each other. Make an effort to spend quality time with each other. When the baby arrives, you two will have hardly any time alone, so make the most of the months leading up to your due date.

2. Take a babymoon

Pregnant women can travel up til 24 weeks, so now’s the best time to travel and go on a little adventure together. Your travels don’t necessarily have to end when your kid arrives, but bringing a baby along definitely complicates vacations, so enjoy things while they’re still simple and easy.

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