5 things mothers should plan for before returning to work

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Time to go back to work? Mums, remember these 5 things before you start working again!

The confinement is soon over, and mums can move around. The following weeks are the most joyous as the baby will start to break into a smile! There is nothing as beautiful as seeing your baby giving you a toothless smile after looking at you!

But before you know it, your maternity leave is over and it is time to return back to work. Many of you may want to continue feeding your baby breast milk and some preparing would be in order for that. A few of you may even have some help right at home. It is wise to ensure that everything is in order before you go back to work.

Here are 5 things that every mum should do before going to work.

1# Establish a routine

You may have noticed that the first few weeks were the most chaotic. Nothing happens on time, or as you plan it. Your day (and night) would revolve around the baby without any schedule.

This changes after three months when the baby actually starts recognising the difference between the day and the night. It becomes easier to establish a schedule. So two weeks before you are due to resume the work, chalk down a schedule. Then, follow it. This should include the baby’s wake up time, breast pumping schedule, bath time and the day time naps.

2# Introduce, train and monitor the help

Many mums do not enlist the help of infant care centres or child nannies till the very last moment. This may cause trouble later if the baby is not comfortable with the childminder.

A good way to go about is to enlist this help a week or two before going back to work. You need to introduce the child to the care giver and buffer some time for training. If the care giver is not formally trained, like say, your mum, you will need to train her to take care of the baby when you can still help during your maternity break. Let her follow the daily routine of feeding the baby using the provisions you have already made.

If you are going to use frozen breast milk, make sure that it is not microwaved. Instead, ask your mum to run the bag under tap water till it thaws. Tell her the do’s and don’ts about feeding the baby.

Step in whenever needed, and observe as much as possible!

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