5 stages parents have to go through before the child arrives

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Every couple has to go through these five stages to prepare for the child’s arrival

When you are ready, even seeing a baby invokes a feeling of parenthood in you. That is when you know you are ready. For a couple, this is a beautiful phase in the life. From planning the pregnancy, this journey begins and keeps on getting better at every stage.

It is always wise to plan and be prepared for anything in life, and pregnancy is not an exception! Here are 5 things that all parents should plan for the arrival of the child.

1# Planning for pregnancy

The planning phase starts right from here. It makes the most sense to talk about extending the family with your partner and then going ahead. Pregnancy brings about a big change in the life of a couple. It is a good idea to enter this phase when both of you are on the same page.

This phase can be stressful. It may take longer than expected to conceive, and a couple might have to contact a doctor. In any such scenario, a couple needs to be a team. A husband’s part in reducing this stress is much larger than any of her friends. Do some activities together! That would be a great stress-buster.

Unwind by doing some activities together!

Unwind by doing some activities together!

A Pregnancy, however, is not always planned. Sometimes, the good news arrives unexpectedly. Even then, talk to your partner about the expected changes. The role of a father is much bigger than a role of the husband.

2# Selecting the best care for the mum-to-be

When you are at this phase, congrats! You have graduated from being a couple to being equal caregivers. The joy of watching that pregnancy test turn positive is unparalleled. However, most couples wouldn’t know how to go about from there.

There are two things you need to do at this stage. Firstly, you need to search for new parents in your circle. They will provide you with a good idea of what to expect during this journeyNext, and the most important part is to find the right obstetrician for the mum-to-be.

Talking with new mums will give you an idea about different doctors. When it comes to choosing one, the right doctor for your friend may not be the best option for you. Always find out the temperament of the doctor before you commit to one. If you get easily stressed, a calm and composed doctor is the one to go with. If you tend to need a little push here and there, find a more assertive one.

These doctors usually have more than one clinic. Find out what is the most convenient option for you. Remember, you have to travel to the hospital every time for a visit. It becomes a bit difficult in the third trimester to travel a long distance. Find the location where you would reach with ease. Find the most convenient location for you.

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