5 Reasons why Kate Middleton rarely buys her kids new clothes

5 Reasons why Kate Middleton rarely buys her kids new clothes

The Duchess of Cambridge has very specific reasons for limiting her kids wardrobes. Find out what they are here

Though she's been known to indulge her inner fashionista (as proven by her stunning outfits during a recent visit to India), Kate Middleton generally likes to keep it simple with her wardrobe.

The Duchess of Cambridge's fondness for repeating the same outfits is well known. But, it seems that she's applying this to her kids as well: dressing them in the same outfits (or versions of them) over and over again.

This isn't merely coincidental. In fact, she has exactly five reasons, which royal sources confirmed to the Daily Mail UK, as to why she often dresses her kids the same way.

1. She wants to show the world that the royal family's just like everyone else

Even in official portraits, Kate doesn't shy away from dressing the royal babies in the same, affordable clothes--a far cry from Hollywood celebrities and influencers who insist on dressing their little ones purely in designer duds.


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2. She wants to avoid creating a "shopping frenzy"

Kate doesn't want to create hype around certain brands or designers of the clothes her kids wear. But even if she tries to avoid it, the royal tots have become little style icons because the clothes they wear sell out online almost instantly. Take, for example, Prince George's red-and-white christening outfit, which sold out in a matter of 24 hours.

3. She's trying to get her kids connected to the past

She hopes that, by recreating the royal family's past outfits, she can find meaningful connections with their family's history. Kate's been known to dress Prince George in outfits similar to clothes William wore when they were the same age.

For instance: for Charlotte's christening, Kate dressed him in an adorable ensemble similar to what William wore more than 30 years ago when he first met his baby brother, Harry, for the first time.

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4. She wants to limit media attention

The last thing Kate Middleton wants is to have paparazzi hounding her kids day and night. She hopes that by limiting their wardrobe changes, it would lessen their media exposure as well.

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5. She wants to keep it simple and traditional

She wants to stay away from trends or gimmicks because she wants her kids to simply be kids and not trendsetters.

But, she does follow one trend. Her penchant for more traditional children's wear is largely due to its recent rise in popularity in the U.K. The best thing about it is she's greatly helping smaller and local brands by supporting them.

Though Kate tries her best to keep them out of the spotlight, the public just can't get enough of the royal children's natural charm, regardless of what they're wearing.

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