5 Reasons why boredom is actually good for your child

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We shouldn't dread the words "I'm bored"

Parents today are more hands-on than ever, which is excellent—but not without its pitfalls. Kids these days are busier than ever, being shuttled from one enrichment class to the next, with very little unstructured time to explore and, yes, be bored.

We shouldn’t dread hearing our children say “I’m bored”. In fact, many experts say that boredom can even be good for your child. Here’s why.

boredom good for kids

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1. Boredom allows your kids to enrich their inner life

“Children need to sit in their own boredom for the world to become quiet enough that they can hear themselves,” writes psychologist Dr. Vanessa Lapointe for The Huffington Post. “It is only when we are surrounded by nothing that something comes alive on the inside.”

2. Boredom helps develop their imagination

"Enforced solitude alone with a blank page is a wonderful spur,” said comedian-turned-writer Meera Syal to the BBC. Boredom motivates your child to find ways to entertain herself. In Syal’s case, she ended up entertaining herself by “making up stories, drawing pictures of her stories, and going to the library.”

Instead of placating your child with ready-made entertainment on a tablet, let them tap into their own resources to create and develop themselves.

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