5 uniquely Singaporean places you can take your kids

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These 5 Uniquely Singaporean places you can take your kids best provide your family a homey experience.

Uniquely Singaporean place #1 – Serangoon Gardens

Uniquely Singaporean place, take your kids

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Serangoon Gardens is a successful marriage of old and new; traipse through old-school provision shops and indie fashion outlets all housed in one little street, not to mention one of Singapore’s most beloved hawker centres contrasted against the trendy new Serangoon Village for upmarket cafes and a rooftop garden for your child to play while you relax. It’s an all-in-one district experience worth exploring every inch with your family.

Uniquely Singaporean place #2 – Bugis Village

Uniquely Singaporean place, take your kids

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Once the dwelling of drag queens and raunchy cabarets, Bugis Village is now home to Singapore’s permanent pasar malam. Have daddy put junior on his shoulders while you all explore fruit stalls, finger foods, fashion, toys, electronics, and even a couple of surprises that betray the village’s history.

Uniquely Singaporean place #3 –Macritchie Reservoir

Uniquely Singaporean place, take your kids
Most of us will have experienced the combination dirt path and tarmac track for our school’s annual cross-country run, but the established park built around Singapore’s oldest reservoir can be quite a sight to soak in on a quiet picnic, if you’re not too disturbed by the 800 kids running their 4.8km.

Uniquely Singaporean place #4 – Beach Road Army Market

Uniquely Singaporean place, take your kids

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Besides being the default location for army supplies (great for stocking up on utility knick-knacks for a road or camping trip), the Army Market has also sprung up a number of vintage clothing and toy shops over the years. The hawker centre below also holds some of Singapore’s best-kept foodie secrets, including Belgian waffles, a pizzeria and the very well-known Ah-Balling glutinous rice balls.

Uniquely Singaporean place #5 – Getai shows

Uniquely Singaporean place, take your kids

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You can keep a lookout for flashing strobe lights, outlandish stage costume and speed-talking dialect auctioneering at your neighbourhood Chinese temple or open field. If you’re lucky, there may even be a traditional Chinese puppet theatre at the side wings. 7th-month getai shows are a unique cultural experience during this period that has even inspired movies and theatre acts, and the atmosphere holds a certain magic that will mesmerise any child.

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