5-minute morning makeup routines for busy mums

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Your morning beauty routine doesn’t belong on your list of chores. Here’s how to make it fun again!

The trick is knowing what to highlight and focus on so you can save time and energy which could be used for things like getting your kids ready for school or sneaking in a bit of chores or having breakfast. These five-minute makeup routines for busy mums could change your life!

Total Beauty consulted Taylor Chang-Babaian, a celebrity makeup artist and mum to two teens, and here are their beauty tutorial’s main takeaways: easy makeup looks and tips we’re excited to try!

Glowing skin

Take care of your skin first!

No matter what anyone says, skin isn’t what you “cover up” with makeup; it’s what you enhance!

photo: dreamstime

photo: dreamstime

Keep your skin looking fresh with little to no sleep using these tips:

Tip 1: Keep skincare products like cleansing wipes, toner and your nighttime moisturiser on your nightstand so you are constantly reminded to use them! No excuses.

Tip 2: For breastfeeding mums, use moisturiser with SPF to lessen dark spots or hyper pigmentation! This is a good alternative to Retinol

Tip 3: Don’t get your upper lip waxed because it may cause inflammatory hyper pigmentation. It’s best to stick to plucking

Tip 4: Keep face blotters handy. When you’re busy, it’s easy for your skin to get dehydrated; this causes excess oil. So, having oil-absorbent little face sheets at all times helps rid your skin of oil. Plus: it also fights breakouts!

Bold Lips

Choosing a lip colour that is vibrant will make you look polished in a flash. Berry lip colours are prime examples.

These bold lip colours are rich in pigment, which makes them last longer, minimising the need to constantly retouch them!

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photo: Pexels

Step 1: Taylor recommends using a tinted moisturiser with SPF and then a liquid concealer to cover up dark circles and spots.

Why? Because a liquid product will help keep your skin moisturised, especially when you’re battling post-pregnancy dry skin.

Step 2: Use a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick of choice and then apply the lipstick.

Step 3: Blot and dust your lips with powder for staying power. Then, apply a second coat.

Step 4: Finish of your look with black mascara.

Smoky eye look

For quick and easy makeup looks, Taylor says a choice must be made: ”It’s either the eyes or the lips, and you usually have to choose.”

Personally, she prefers a smoky eye look.

photo: Pexels

photo: Pexels

Here’s how she pulls it off (in under five minutes)

Step 1: Moisturise and apply concealer; this evens out your skin tone

Step 2: Dab on loose powder all over your face to keep makeup in place. Add on some blush if needed!

Step 3: Choose an eyeshadow (it can be brown, grey, bronze, or whatever shade you prefer); following the creases and lower lash lines, sweep across your lids.

Step 4: Using a black eyeliner (with smudger) line your top lids then blend the liner with the shadow using the smudger.
(Repeat on your lower lash lines; starting from the outer to inner corners of your eyes.

Step 5: Finish off your look with mascara and lip balm or gloss

Bronze Glow

Want a sun-kissed, summer glow all year round?

It’s easy to look sallow with lack of sleep (especially for new mums). Here’s how to brighten up your face in five minutes!

All you need is concealer, powder bronzer and a few minutes…


photo: dreamstime

Step 1: Moisturise (hydrated skin makes makeup last longer) and apply concealer

Step 2: Take your powder bronzer and dust your cheekbones, nose bridge, temples, and eyelids.

Taylor’s advice is to put a bit “wherever the sun naturally touches your face”.

Step 3: Curl your lashes and apply waterproof mascara.

Step 4: Finish off your look with a peachy shade of lip balm or lip gloss.

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