5 baby commercials so cute...they're going viral!

If you think you've seen it all, then check out these adorable babies giving actors and actresses a run for their money. You won't regret spending your time watching these baby commercials, which are sure to keep you cooing at your screens.

Baby commercials

You won’t regret watching these cute baby commercials!

You’ve clicked on the right place! We show you 5 amazing and adorable baby commercials that are guaranteed to turn your frown into a smile! Get ready, because this might make you want to have more kids!



Known for their cheeky baby commercial videos, Evian water and its “live young” slogan aptly showcases a group of adults revisiting their childhood years by literally reliving their baby memories. This entertaining commercial features a slew of adults dancing in front of mirrors which reflect their baby self, tickling both the dancing adults and viewers.

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This widely known and hugely popular baby commercial (largely due to its broadcast at the American Super Bowl) sees a baby on a sling catapulting to grab a bag of Doritos chips from his teasing brother. We love the super-man flying the baby does as he reaches out for the snack, and chuckles along as he proudly shares his bag with his grandma.

Dairy Queen


If you thought that babies don’t know what goes on around them, this baby commercial is bound to prove you wrong. An adorably gurgling baby reaches towards his father’s Dairy Queen dessert, only to be told that he could only have a bite if he pronounces “antidisestablishmentarianism” correctly. And guess what? He did.

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Enthralling and hilarious, this short clip depicts a baby on a walker skidding furiously down a steep cliff and through a sprawling landscape of the wilderness. Curious viewers then eventually find out at the end why the child was seen on this thrilling ride!

Pepsi Next


Parents are always thrilled when their babies say their first word or walk for the first time. This isn’t always the case though. Despite his amazing antics and spectacular tricks, this baby loses mummy’s and daddy’s attention when a new drink arrives in town.

Tell us if you have seen any cute baby commercial videos, and make sure to share them with us. Nothing makes a day better than watching cute baby commercial videos!