Top 5 activities at Aviva Superfundae to hit up with the family

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With over 20 exciting activities lined up, daddies, mummies and even grandparents, it’s time to gear up for a whole load of fun. We sniffed out the happenings to pick out 5 activities you wouldn't want to miss!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have discovered that this June holidays are jam-packed with awesome activities for you and your family! If you’re planning your weekends, remember to save the date for the highly-anticipated Aviva Superfundae on 20 June. This first-of-its-kind ‘funival’ is loaded with all-day activities for everyone in the family.

With over 20 exciting activities lined up, daddies, mummies and even grandparents, it’s time to gear up for a whole load of fun. We sniffed out the happenings to pick out 5 activities you wouldn’t want to miss!

Family fun at the Aviva Superfundae


#1 For the sporty family

Get outdoors together as a family and pit your quick-thinking skills and strength at the Transformers Challenges! Sprint and dart across obstacles to get ahead of the game – you might even snag some photos with everyone’s favourite, Bumblebee.


#2 Unleash your inner Picasso

Get those creative juices flowing and get your hands dirty. With paint, that is. That’s right! Mums and dads, create a pretty family masterpiece at the My Family Paint Project, and put together a unique art piece, done with all the love.

#3 Dash like the wind

Fastest family first! If speed runs in your veins, check out the different outdoor dashes that’s sure to bring on plenty of cheer and excitement. The Milk Dash and Beer Dash keep tots and daddies hankering after their favourite drink by zooming across 60m with a bottle or mug, to enjoy a dose of whatever’s left when they reach the end.

If daddy’s game enough to show off his manly strength, let his coordination skills shine and have him grab two kids to compete at the Double Daddy Dash. Or, simply relish in a moment of cosy fun with mummy on his back by contending in the Daddy Mommy Piggy Back. Just remember to do those warm-ups, papa! Adults and kids can take on the race to challenge oneself by moving rearwards in the Backwards Dash – try to keep your balance though!


#4 Splish and splash

Kids are so going to love the Craycrayspray water play! Imagine loading those Nerf Super Soakers and firing away with family or friends (or aiming at them!), getting all wet and wild with big laughters. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear or extra clothes too!


#5 Build, climb and be free

These giant foam blocks by Kaboodle will keep your kiddos entertained for sure. Let the little ones wear their princess crowns and construction helmets and imagine big as they stack up their blocks to construct castles or a giant robot ready to “attack” each other. Adults can just stand back and watch the show in awe and resist the temptation to join in too.


All in a day’s fun, let’s not forget to fuel up. The good folks at Aviva Superfundae know a funival wouldn’t be complete without good food. Rumbling tummies, take your pick from all the gastronomical choices that Pasar Bella has put together to tempt your palates and noses. Enjoy the delish meals along with ‘live’ music by our very own local bands, 53 and PennyLane. By evening, pull out the picnic mat that’s included in your goodie bag and catch Mr Peabody and Sherman at the movie screening as you munch away.


Be prepared for a rolling good time with your loved ones!

So, mark your calendars, everyone! We’re all ready for a fabulous time at the Aviva Superfundae. See you there!

Date: 20 June 2015, Saturday
Time: 10am – 9pm
Where: The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay
How Much: $28 per ticket (inclusive of a goodie bag worth $50) if booked online, special bundles for group purchase. Tickets at the door on event day will be $34.

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