4 Ways to turn the terrible twos into the terrific twos!

4 Ways to turn the terrible twos into the terrific twos!

Don't believe the warnings you read about the "terrible twos," it can be a milestone to look forward to, especially if you prepare for it with these tips!

Halfway through your child's toddler years, you will start to notice how their personality starts to take shape. They may also begin communicating with you.

And despite the many exciting milestones to look forward to, you may also be worried when you encounter warnings about the terrible twos--whether it's from articles or well-meaning friends.

But you don't have to dread your child's second birthday! Making these simple changes can greatly help turn the terrible twos into the terrific twos.

Maintain eye contact

When speaking to your child or if you're asking them to do something, it's important do so often at eye level. This simple gesture will reassure them that you care about them and that you understand.

It also encourages them to maintain eye contact as a sign of confidence and even, good manners. This simple habit makes them feel secure, but also prepares them for the future by boosting their self-esteem.

Don't underestimate the power of touch

Touch them on the shoulder and reassure them that you love and care for them. It may be an overwhelming time for them as they are fast developing in every aspect---physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

Not only does it build the emotional bond between parent and child, studies have also found that it constant loving and effective touch is good for a child's brain development.

4 Ways to turn the terrible twos into the terrific twos!

Prioritise focused attention

At this age, they need your attention more than ever. Knowing that you're there to guide them eases their anxiety and encourages less bad behavior. Strive not to be distracted by other tasks or even your cellphone.

It's been found that cellphone-distracted parenting leads to kids feeling less appreciated. Don't let this happen by kicking the habit of being glued to your phone as early as now.

Apply gentle discipline

Remember that your child is still trying to navigate through their need for independence. It's important for you to be firm and specific but also kind and friendly when giving instructions.

Giving them choices and rephrasing instructions can also help your little one better understand the difference between good and bad behavior.

*This article first appeared on theAsianparent Philippines

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