4 tips to caring for a baby with eczema

4 tips to caring for a baby with eczema

Here are 4 easy things that you can do to care for your little one's eczema at home.


Eczema is one of the most common forms of rashes that children have. The causes of eczema are actually not fully known, and could be different for each child.

In certain severe cases, food allergy may be a trigger and the two most common foods culprits are eggs and cow’s milk. This is more typical among younger children and those who are more seriously affected by eczema.

Some symptoms of baby eczema are:

1) Tiny white bumps that you can feel on the skin
2) Dry white or red patches on the skin that frequently flare up
Here are some things you can do to care for his skin at home:

1) Bathe your baby in lukewarm baths

Baths should be short and you should avoid using soap unless absolutely necessary. If your little one is experiencing a flare up, you should avoid taking a bath at all. In such situations, a water free cleanser is a good choice. According to Associate Professor Giam Yoke Chin, Paediatric Dermatologist at National Skin Centre, an ideal cleanser, is one that does not contain high levels of detergent (like lauryl sulphate), does not contain high amounts of antiseptics (like chlorhexidine, iodine) and include moisturising agents like glycerin.

2) Massage with a moisturizer

After a bath pat your baby dry with a 100% cotton towel and never rub excessively. Bath time should be followed with a massage using a heavy moisturizer like cetaphil, physiogel or Kiehls baby nurturing cream. The moisturizing cream should be massaged into baby’s damp skin. Moisturisers, when used daily, have been shown to reduce the severity and flares of eczema.


3) Only cotton

Avoid using wool and nylon clothing. If possible only use 100% cotton for both clothing and sheets. Associte Professor Giam advices that parents should also try not to layer too many pieces of clothing. In hot weather, for a child with bad eczema, often cotton singlet and bottoms are adequate.

4) Take your baby swimming.

Dr. Mark Koh Jean Aan, Consultant Dermatologist at Changi General Hospital, advices that, “Swimming 1-2 times a week has been shown to improve eczema in some patients, as long as it is kept to short durations. Immediately moisturise after coming out of the pool.”

If your little one has eczema, besides trying the above points, you should consult your doctor about an eczema treatment plan.


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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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