4-month-old dies at the hands of a babysitter

4-month-old dies at the hands of a babysitter

Here’s another case of a babysitter royally messing up—the cost-- a life of a 4-month-old baby. The scary part is that police are investigating two other cases in which babies under her care also died suspiciously.

4-month-old dies at the hands of a babysitterWhat would you do if you have made a major mistake? Well, either panic and try to cover up or own up and try to make it right. The babysitter in this case, a 42-year-old single mum, came up with an elaborate plan to get out of her predicament.

Din Ahmad, Batu Pahat police chief Assistant Commissioner, said: "We will investigate further, the babysitter's claims that she was attacked by three men and that she injured herself while trying to escape."

Upon further investigation, the sitter was found out and arrested at the Batu Pahat hospital in Malaysia, when she was being treated for a broken leg.

An elaborate tale

The poor baby’s body, Lim Xiu Yao, was discovered by joggers in the evening—located under a tree at a park.

The sitter claims that while at the park with the baby, three men abducted her and sped away in the car. She managed to escape but hurt herself in the process. The baby sitter had allegedly gone to the park to put up flyers for her services.

In search for the little one…

Apparently baby Xiu Yao had been staying with the babysitter close to three months and the baby’s parents would come visit every couple of days. But tragedy struck one night…

Din Ahmad revealed: "On Wednesday night, the baby's father [Lim Aik Zheng] went to the babysitter's house in Taman Bandar but found only her children at home. The children told the father that their mother had gone to Tasik Y with the baby.”

He added: "The father then went to the park but only found the babysitter's car. He then spent several hours looking for her and the baby before he thought of checking with the hospital, where he found the babysitter."

The babysitter continued to lie through her teeth, sticking to her made up story. She told the baby’s father that the baby was still in the car—so the dad retrieved a spare key …only to find that the baby simply wasn’t there.

Death by suffocation

The post-mortem report revealed that the baby died from suffocation—compression to the face. The father, Mr. Lim, said this at the Batu Pahat Hospital motuary: "It is really painful to know that someone could hurt an innocent baby in this manner. Their actions are worse than animals. My only hope is that the murderers responsible for this are caught."

The killer is none other than the babysitter—someone whom he trusted to care for his precious little angel who is now lost forever.

More suspicious cases under investigation

Apparently, two other babies died under her “nurturing” care. Datuk Mokhtar Mohd Shariff, Johor police chief said: "The reports were lodged in 2010 and last year, one involving a sudden death and the other child abuse. We have never closed the investigations on these cases and will continue to investigate them."

If there is a lesson we can learn from this is, be wary of who babysits your child. Interview them; investigate their background. Are they really who they say they are and are they capable of caring for your baby? This particular sitter in question seemed fine—after all she does have kids of her own and even has experience taking care of other kids too—two that are no longer around to give a testimonial of her care. Be very cautious when hiring nannies or babysitters. You can never be too careful.

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