3-year-old's reaction to GPS directions is absolutely priceless

3-year-old's reaction to GPS directions is absolutely priceless

This was definitely not what the GPS meant by "bear" right

With the addition of GPS to our everyday lives, things like family road trips often yield little to no problems. Dad never has to stop and ask for directions; there's no worry about where the nearest gas station is; there's never any wondering what restaurants are coming up;  and there's certainly never any worries about bears.

Yes, you read that correctly. I said bears.

In case you were seeking some sort of correlation between a GPS navigation system and massive, 100kg+ mammals known as bears look no further than Austin Golden.

Recently, Austin's father posted a once forgotten gem of a video to his Facebook account. The video is of a family trip to the zoo back in 2009. In the video, we see Austin and his sister in the back of the family car with much trepidation on their faces.

As Austin so elegantly puts it, "We have a problem..." Austin tells the camera in shock, "a bear problem."

Clearly what has happened is that the computer generated voice from the GPS navigation system told Mum and Dad to bear right on their trip to the zoo. Of course, Austin and his sister immediately took this as a warning of the dangers ahead!


Here we see Austin as he first tries to tell his mother of the potential danger of the furry threat that awaits them!

3-year-old's reaction to GPS directions is absolutely priceless

After doing a convincing job of telling himself that there is a bear on the right (his) side of the car, Austin begins to tremble with fear. Albeit, adorably hilarious fear.

Mum calms the little boy and his sister down by reassuring them that there are no bears on the road. The only bears that they will be seeing today are at the zoo, and those bears are safely behind bars for the amusement of passersby and spectators.


After Mum successfully calms down Austin, his sister just had to put in her two cents. She tells Austin that there are probably bears in the forest and, according to the GPS, there's definitely one on the right side of the car.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.21.35 am

Austin didn't handle his sister's claims too well, as we see here.

Eventually, Austin calmed down once he learned that there were unequivocally no bears near the car. The Golden family recalls the events, and claims that the rest of the day was pleasant and memorable. Maybe not as unforgettable as this classic video, though!

As stated earlier, the video was originally filmed in 2009. The family recently stumbled upon it and decided it was too amazing to keep to themselves.

The video seems to be going viral as of late. Thankfully Austin (now 10 years old) has a great sense of humour about the video.

I guess you could say the video is far from un-bear-able...

Watch the full video below and let us know what you think of Austin's reaction:


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