25 funny reasons you should reproduce

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Want a good laugh? Here are 25 reasons on why you should reproduce which should make you laugh at least once! Warning: This article should not be taken seriously

The Singapore government has been trying to get  its people to reproduce for many years already but their efforts don’t seem to be reaping any results. Instead of the usual cliché reasons people usually give, we have decided to provide you with 25 reasons to reproduce which should make you laugh and get into the love making mood.

1. You will no longer be bored since you will be busy caring for your child ALL THE TIME!

2. You get to enjoy the pleasures of sex when preggers.

3. You will be showered with a lot of love and attention, at least until your child becomes a teenager.

4. You get to finally pass on your awesome genes to someone.

5. You can enjoy sex, without a condom when pregnant.

6. You will no longer have to endure the nagging from your parents who demand you give them grandchildren.

7. People will know that all your reproductive organs are working fine.

8. You get to receive all the government’s baby-making incentives!

9. You can finally receive some ang baos in return instead of merely giving them out during Chinese New Year.

10. You get to receive Mother’s Day or Father’s Day presents (Hopefully).

11. You are helping the Singapore government by fulfilling your ‘civic duty’.

12. You get to witness the indescribable experience of watching your own child grow up (Unless KKH mixed up your baby).

13. Your child can help you accomplish all the goals that you yourself were never able to achieve (Hopefully).

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