Pregnancy Guide: What You Need to Know at 23 Weeks Pregnant

Did you know that your baby, who is only as large as a small winter melon, can now sense your movements?

Mum, you may be experiencing frequent urination because your expanding uterus sits on your bladder. Take this as a sign that your baby's growth is on track now that you're already 23 weeks pregnant!

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23 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months

If you're 23 weeks pregnant, you're in the sixth month of your pregnancy. At this stage, your baby is about 11 inches long and weighs a little over a pound. This marks a significant growth spurt as your baby is expected to double in size over the next month.

The third trimester of pregnancy typically starts around the 28th week, so you still have a few more weeks before entering this final stage. During the third trimester, your baby's development continues, and you may start experiencing more noticeable changes in your body as well.

Keep in mind that pregnancy experiences can vary from person to person, so it's important to consult your healthcare provider for personalised guidance throughout your pregnancy journey.

So, what can you expect this week?

Pregnancy Week 23: Baby

You're almost in the final stretch of your pregnancy now! You've made it to week 23, and things are starting to get exciting. While still over a month away, you are given an estimated due date, and a feeling of excitement begins to build.

The growth of your bump is slowing down, but this is the week you'll probably start to feel the first flutters of movement.

Baby’s Growth

At week 23 of pregnancy, your baby is the size of a small winter melon or a large mango. They are around 28.9 cm and weigh around 498.9 g.

As your baby grows, there will be more noticeable changes. Your baby is now around 7 inches long and weighs about 1 pound. The top of your uterus is about halfway between your belly button and rib cage. You may feel the baby move for the first time this week!

It's important to keep up with your prenatal care appointments at this point in your pregnancy. You'll be getting an ultrasound around this time to check on your baby's growth and organs and limbs. Your doctor will also check for any abnormalities or problems that may have developed since you last saw them.

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Baby's Development

At 23 weeks pregnant, the day you've been waiting for is getting closer and closer. But as you prepare for the baby's arrival, your baby's development is also ongoing to prepare them for the real world. In this week-by-week pregnancy guide, you'll learn that:

  • Your baby's lungs are developing to prepare for breathing.
  • The lanugo, or the fine hair that covers their body, may darken by now.
  • Their eyes are now completely formed, although they do not have any colour yet. It is also now when they can open their eyes inside the womb.
  • By this week, you can feel them moving through your womb. They may be doing somersaults, too... but not for long. Also, at week 23 of pregnancy, you can already form a pattern of your baby's movements. Are they more active after a meal? Do they seem awake to you in the middle of the night? Go ahead and talk to your little one whenever you feel them moving.
  • Their vestibular system, the area in the brain responsible for sensing movement, is developing quickly now. This means they are already actively sensing all your physical movements.
  • They have also developed a stable hearing sense. If before they could only hear sounds from inside your body, now they can listen to from outside your body too! So encourage your partner and other family members to talk to the baby from your tummy.

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, while your baby is developing and getting stronger, they are not fully developed yet. At this stage, your baby's brain is undergoing rapid growth, and they are building more muscle, becoming increasingly active within the womb.

While the baby's eyes are developing and they might even respond to light, their survival outside the womb is still very rare. Babies born at 23 weeks can sometimes survive if given the right medical care in an intensive care unit.

Baby’s Hearing

Your baby is starting to hear more and more.

You've probably heard that newborns can't hear very well, but that's not quite true. Your baby may have some trouble telling the difference between sounds, but he or she can already hear the loudest noises around you—like your voice or the sound of your heartbeat.

Baby’s Teeth

At week 23 of pregnancy, your little one is developing teeth. Don't worry if you don't see them yet—they're tucked away behind gums and won't be visible until they break through the membranes that cover them.

You can help your baby's teeth develop by eating foods high in calcium, like yoghurt and cheese. Get enough calcium while pregnant—your baby will take what she needs from you!

Baby’s Movement

If you've felt your baby move around inside you, you'll be happy to know that your little one's movements are getting stronger and more purposeful—you'll probably notice that they're more like fluttering than just random jabs at this point.

You may have noticed your baby's movements changing in the last few weeks. As your baby grows, he or she will begin to move less frequently. This change is because your baby has more room to move around in your uterus.

23 Weeks Pregnant: Your Body

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23 weeks pregnant and wow, your body is sure starting to show the signs! You've got that cute belly now that you're so proud of, but what else are you noticing? Your body is changing as more weight is put onto your legs. Are you getting tired more easily and getting more aches and pains? Learn more about pregnancy week 23 and what’s going on with your body.

23 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

  • Boy, are you showing! Your uterus extends 3.8 cm above your belly button and you would have gained anything between 5.4 kg to 6.8 kg.
  • You are peeing frequently because your uterus sits above your bladder. You may even experience leaking of fluids.
  • This time around you will be checked for emotions and even pregnancy brain.
  • At week 23 of pregnancy, you might experience bleeding gums and nosebleeds.
  • You may also notice discolouration and darkening in some areas of the body, including your nipples.

Maternal Weight Gain

At 23 weeks pregnant, you'll notice that your belly is getting bigger and bigger!

You may be starting to feel more tired than usual by now, but that's not all bad news—it means your body is using its energy resources wisely. It's a sign that you're doing everything right regarding diet and exercise during pregnancy.

Your doctor will also ask whether you've been feeling nauseous or vomiting recently. If so, it may be helpful for them to know if certain smells or foods have triggered these symptoms—these can help them diagnose potential causes for morning sickness.


23 weeks pregnant is when mothers' nutritional needs are at their greatest.

During this period, the baby is growing rapidly and requires a huge amount of energy to do so. It's important for mothers-to-be to eat lots of healthy foods and avoid unhealthy ones to ensure that the baby has the best start in life possible.

It's also important that mothers-to-be get enough iron and calcium in their diet, as these minerals help with bone development and overall health. Iron helps prevent anaemia, while calcium helps build strong bones.

In addition to eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, mothers should consider taking a prenatal vitamin supplement, which will provide them with all the extra nutrients they need throughout pregnancy.

When it comes to supporting your body's energy needs during pregnancy, consider incorporating a prenatal multivitamin with folic acid and iron, like 21st Century Pre-Natal Multivitamins With Folic Acid And Iron For Pregnancy. These vitamins can provide essential B vitamins, including folic acid, which aids in converting food into energy, helping you feel your best during this exciting time.

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Pregnancy Care: Your Checklist For Week 23 of Pregnancy

Just a few more weeks to go before the start of the third trimester and everything gets heavy. So make the most of your 23 weeks pregnant body, while also staying safe. Here are some reminders:

  • To keep the bleeding gums at bay, prioritise good dental hygiene. Due to superactive hormones, your gums will suffer inflammation and bleeding, particularly while brushing your teeth.
  • You are peeing constantly, and how! But that’s pretty normal at this stage. Continue drinking water, vegetable juices, herbal teas, fruit juice, and milk.
  • When using public toilets, sanitise the seats and maintain minimal contact to avoid infections.
  • Speak to your company, and plan your maternity leave.
  • You may have a hard time getting things done around the house, so make sure your baby's nursery or room is set up. You can also do house chores, except the ones that require handling chemicals and will strain your back.
  • Have you already thought of a name for your baby? Check out our selection for inspiration.
  • Get a new wardrobe!

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Pregnancy Guide: What You Need to Know at 23 Weeks Pregnant

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