2012 Year in review for theAsianparent

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Just in case you missed out on the top stories of the year, as determined by your readership, here is a list for you to catch up…

Yes, we are alive and the Mayan’s were wrong about the world ending. Now, we are moving into a fresh new year. Before we do that, let’s take a look at the top scorers on theAsianparent.com.

2012 Year in review for theAsianparent

Education: Views on PSLE results 2012

No one saw it coming—but this year, the top scorers’ name(s) will not be shouted from the mountain top. This certainly did not sit well with many, but there were some that commended this move. By far, this article was the top scorer in terms of popularity.

Kids: Super Kancheong Style music video

Gangnam style achieved world domination, so to speak. Korean rapper, dancer, record producer PSY was the speak of the town—so we decided to switch it up, turn it over to talented kids and put a Singaporean spin to it for Children’s Day. An original theAsianparent.com production, our Super Kancheong Style video was a talk of the nation. We even had a special mention by our PM Lee!

Pregnancy: 10 craziest pregnancy old wives tales ever told

Yes, we blatantly ignore old wives tales but there is an unexplainable intrigue and curiosity about what these old maidens have to say about pregnancy, what to avoid and what to do. Urban legends or not, they cannot be proven but we sure love to read them. This article was another favourite among our readers.

Fitness: 20 weightloss tips that don’t involve a work out!

It’s a worldwide obsession—everybody wants to shed to those pounds fast. But not one wants to put in the effort. So it is no wonder why this article, among other fitness articles, was a hit!

2012 Year in review for theAsianparent

Home: How to get rid of common household pests

The editorial team did not expect that this article would be such a hit. We recognize that there is a need to get rid of pesky pests, so we put together a how-to article. Little did we know that so many parents out there are eager to get rid of common household pests too.

Relationship: Satisfy your man’s sex fantasies

Maybe it is a lady’s nature for the need to please, because the most popular sex article this year is all about pleasing your man and meeting his fantasies. We also catered to the ladies as well, and wrote an article on how hubby should satisfy wifey. Hey! It’s a two way street. Let’s make it work.

With all the talk out there about sex getting old and marriage becoming stale after the kids come along, there is a need to spice things up to rekindle that spark. Some tips on positions will certainly help. Check out our series!

2012 Year in review for theAsianparent

Fun outdoors: Opening of Legoland

The much anticipated opening of Legoland finally happened this year and we reviewed the park as well as took photos even before the public opening. This was the sneak peak into Legoland and a gallery of Miniland. Read the full review here.

OMG! : Man caught on CCTV beating pregnant wife

There has been quite a few OMG! stories, sex scandals, abuse, incest in Singapore, shocking deaths that have angered the parenting community. This story was somehow a top scorer. Perhaps it was how a seemingly innocent and helpless pregnant woman was seen on video being hit by her husband. However there was a lot more to the story. If you missed this one, perhaps you should watch the video and determine if it is worth being the top OMG story of the year.

Family: Things you should never force your kid to do

We have our moments. Some days we think we know it all and other days we are clueless–even our little angels can teach us a lesson or two. Fact is, we will never know it all and parenting has so many exceptions. That was probably why this article did so well.

2012 Year in review for theAsianparent

Breastfeeding: 20 breastfeeding facts

Breastfeeding is a very hot topic among mummy circles. This piece was one of the top read nursing articles this year. The fact that breastfeeding is natural, however, doesn’t take away the fact that there are several myths, misconceptions and a lot of debates over the value of breastfeeding. We want to clear the air, so to speak by giving you the facts…just the facts.



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