This 2-year-old gymnast has an Instagram filled with wicked moves

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A 2-year-old from Iran has an Instagram that's filled with amazing gymnastic moves.

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This little guy makes us all feel bad about our athletic skills. With an Instagram filled with videos of his insane stunts, it’s no wonder he has over 28 thousand followers. Arat Hosseini, a 2-year-old from Iran, loves exercising. He makes sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups look like a breeze (and a whole load of fun). Hosseini can do balancing splits and backwards somersaults without any trouble. His parents upload videos of his cool gymnastic moves to Instagram so we can all appreciate his skills, and boy, do we. Check his insane moves out here:

”Baby” good night ,,💃💕 Arat at 2 years old #gym #gymnastics #Arat #aratgym

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