What happens when you're 16 weeks pregnant?

Learn about bodily changes, milestones and fetal development now that you're 16 weeks pregnant.

Me becomes we...

When you'’re 16 weeks pregnant, your baby can now detect light through his translucent eyelids! It'’s also the time he begins to recognise voices.

How your foetus is developing when you're 16 weeks pregnant:

At 16 weeks, your baby is now the size of a grapefruit or avocado and his muscles are strengthening steadily, particularly his back muscles. Expect some discomfort when he stretches out his body!

Although his head is still considerably larger than his body, the little one's eyebrows and eyelashes will be fully grown by this time, and his eyelids will actually be able to detect light! His hearing is also coming into place, so grab your partner and read a book or talk to your baby so he can learn to recognise the sound of daddy's voice.


What you can do now that you're 16 weeks pregnant:

It's never too early to prepare for motherhood! Sign up for prenatal classes - KK Women's and Children's Hospital runs an ongoing programme for this, for instance - or a refresher class.  If you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the best conceiving method for you and your baby, a birthing preparatory classes could help. Involve your partner in the process by encouraging him to accompany you. This will build a stronger bond between father and baby.

An ultrasound scan is also  usually possible around week 16, so speak to your doctor about it. Apart from finally getting to see your baby at his fullest formed, a measurement of the size of your baby's head can give you the estimated date of delivery.

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