15 iPad apps to teach elementary reading

15 iPad apps to teach elementary reading

Check out a list of 15 iPad apps to help get your child started on reading at home!

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The advances in technology have opened up new doors for your children’s education. iPad apps have grown in popularity among children, helping them to learn quickly and independently.

Kids love iPads and they can be a great teaching tool. In fact, many schools have started using iPad apps to teach younger children. There are also many iPad apps that can help your child to learn how to read at home. Here are a few apps to help your child get started on reading at home (also handy for keeping your early reader independently and constructively engaged when you’re busy):

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1. ABC Pocketphonics FREE Ages 4+

This iPad app will teach your child letter sounds and writing. The creators have developed a colourful program that will keep your child’s interest while they are learn.

2. Play & Sing

This is a great iPad app for preschoolers. They have integrated shapes, colours and animals into a fun learning experience to help your child learn how to read.

3. Booksy FREE Ages 4+

This app is geared towards kindergarten to second graders to learn how to read. This software is a free platform for iPad users and can really help your child.

4. Sight Words – Learn to Read FREE  Ages 4+

The perfect iPad app for teaching kindergarteners to read their letters. This fun app combines flash cards with easy to read text for hours of entertainment.

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5. My Word Wall $2.58  Ages 4+

My Word Wall combines structured learning with fun games to teach smaller children how to read.

6. Story Patch $3.98 Ages 4+

Story Patch is an awesome iPad app that will not only teach your children to read, but also helps them to expand their creativity by showing them how to write their own story.

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7. Letter Lab $1.28  Ages 4+

The perfect iPad app for teaching toddler their letters. You can trace and write the letters by themselves.

8. Reading Raven  $4.98  Ages 4+

Reading Raven is one of the strongest iPad apps available for kids. Many teachers have started using it in their classrooms. It has a very easy style that will keep children engaged for hours.

9. Super Why $4.98 Ages 4+

This iPad app was adapted from the PBS TV show because of its amazing ability to teach children of all ages how to read. It is also a winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Award!

10. K-3 Sight Words $1.28 Ages 4+

Sight words are one of the first things your child will learn in kindergarten and life. They are very important for your child’s basic foundation of reading, and this iPad app helps make the learning process simpler for your kids.

11. Phonics Easy Reader $2.58 Ages 4+

This app uses the Rock-N-Roll style to teach kids reading. Children can choose to have the story read to them or they can read it out loud by themselves.

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Check out how Word Magic app looks like in real-time

12. Word Magic FREE Ages 3-8

This iPad app is loaded with fun features and was created by parents. Children fill in the missing letters to complete the words. The free version has 12 words for you try before purchasing the full version for $1.28. It was featured in “Apps for kids” by Apple and was nominated for the Best Educational App Ever.

13. Find the Words FREE Ages 4+

An iPad app that takes adult word search and turns it into an easy application to teach children how to read. The different styles and backgrounds help keep children interested and learning.

14. ABC Alphabet Phonics FREE Ages 1-6

An easy and free iPad app that uses sight, sound and touch to teach children how to read. It’s meant for kids from the ages of 1 to 6 years old, but even a 9 month baby can enjoy playing and learning with this app.

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15. Come Learn Spellings FREE Ages 4+

The perfect free iPad app to teach your toddler to read and spell. The software uses flash cards to learn the most common words. It uses repetition as a method to help stick to your child’s memory.

There are many iPad apps you can download that are absolutely free to help teach your children. The only problem may be in getting the iPad away from them once they start.

Have you used any of these iPad apps to help your child to read? It so, which ones? Do you have any specific iPad apps that you would like to add to the list? Check out this video of how the Word Magic app works:

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