10 no-no’s during parent-teacher conferences

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Parent-Teacher conferences are a place where you can discuss your child's progress in school with his or her teacher. Since these conferences only happen once per term, you have to make sure that you make the most out of these meetings. Here are some things that you shouldn't do to make sure that your meetings with your child's teacher will be successful.

7. Don’t forget to make a plan of action with the teacher.

Make sure that you ask the teacher for help in coming up with possible solutions on how to solve the problems that your child is facing. Ask for practical ways on how you can work with your child at home.

8. Don’t be shy to take down notes.

Your meeting would totally be pointless if you won’t be able to remember anything that you’ve discussed with your child’s teacher once you get home. Remember, the point of having parent-teacher conferences is to do something about the problems that your child is  experiencing. How will you be able to work with your child at home if you don’t remember what the problems are?

9. Don’t be disrespectful.

No matter what you think of your child’s teacher, do your best to show him or her respect. Respond to your child’s teacher in such a way as to let him or her know that you believe in his or her ability to teach your child.

10. Don’t be late.

Since you’re not the only one to have a meeting with your child’s teacher, make sure that you arrive for your appointment ahead time. If you’re late, then the parents after you would have to wait longer for their turn.

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