10 tips for healthy school lunches and snacks

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Check out our 10 tips for creating the perfect, healthy school lunches and snacks that you can whip up in minutes for your kids. Your family will never crave unhealthy again.

healthy eating

Eating healthy

While most adults eat lunch on the run and don’t really pay much attention to details, preparing healthy school lunches or snacks for your child should not be part of the same routine.

A vast majority of kids come under the category of fussy eaters. Therefore, making an exciting presentation of meals will be a step towards getting them to actually eat it.

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Tips on ‘happy-eating’

Presentation, variety and colour are important elements in ensuring ‘happy-eating’ besides the healthy food content, of course.

Separating foods into colourful compartments is a good idea too.

Choosing healthy foods that are not messy will allow your child to be a neat eater. This is important both for their self-esteem and will also help the teacher in looking after your child during lunch hour.

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