Zoe Tay on kids, discipline & speaking Mandarin

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Grab Zoe Tay's limited edition Similac Mummy Tote bag and Gain IQ Baby Rompers and read about her boys, her discipline style and how she manages parenting with her busy lifestyle.

zoe tayA revered celebrity, an award-winning actress, a doting mom to 3 lovely boys, and now, a budding designer!!  Is there anything that this versatile queen cannot do?   We caught up with the Queen of Caldecott at the First Moms' & Dads' Congress supported by Abbott Nutrition, where she was promoting her self-designed tote bag and baby rompers.

theAsianparent (TAP): Congratulations on the birth of your 3rd son.  You were invited by Similac to design a tote bag and baby romper for them.  What was your inspiration?

Zoe: When Similac asked me to design a tote bag for them, I was surprised, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway.  I thought long and hard and had several meetings with my manager.  Finally, late one night, I was looking at the Similac teddy bear and it all came together.  We decided to put the teddy bear emblem all over the bag as it is so cute.

TAP: Tell us about the Limited Edition Similac Mummy Tote Bag.

Zoe: I wanted to come up with a bag that all mothers can appreciate.  So in my design, the bag has to be light-weight, waterproof, and full of compartments – bottles and mummy’s wallet on the side, diaper mat on the back and tissue papers on the front.  I chose black as the background as you cannot go wrong with black. Plus men can carry and not be averse to it.

TAP: What styles do your boys adopt?

Zoe: Boys are pretty easy; they are always in Bermudas, shorts, T-shirt, sneakers and jeans.  My 2nd son wears hand me downs from his big brother. My 2 boys have very different styles.  My 1st son is very easy.  He wears whatever I take out.  My 2nd son has very strong ideas.  He likes to choose his own colour and style and is very insistent on his own style.

TAP: Where do you shop or buy clothes for them.

Zoe: I shop online alot.  I like baby Gap, Paul Frank and a Japanese brand called Konka’s.  Also, a lot of friends give clothes to my sons as gifts.

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