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Here is the latest update on the 2012 PSLE results announced just earlier today. Read some of the reactions on Twitter as well as Facebook. Some are pretty hilarious. Bad news is, according to MOE, 1,170 out of 48,333 students failed to make it into secondary school.

Every year, the announcement of the PSLE results attracts the media spotlight and this year is no exception. Despite the fact that the names of the top scorers in the nationwide examination is kept confidential for the first time in Singapore history, this has not dampened the attention showered on the PSLE results. According to the Ministry of Education, 48333 students sat for the PSLE examinations and 97.6% of these students have met the requirements to proceed to secondary school. 63.1%, 23.1% and 11.4% of the cohort are qualified to enter the express, normal (academic) and normal (technical) streams respectively. According to MOE, 2.7% or 1170 students failed to qualify for secondary school.

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'PSLE' trended on Twitter soon after the release of the results at 12pm showing how it has also managed to capture the attention of the online community as well and not just anxious parents. While the names of the top scorers have not been revealed, it is known that the top score for this year's PSLE exams is a score of 285 and the lowest score is 43. The top scorer is rumoured to not have come from a 'branded' school but from an ordinary school, South View Primary school.

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Just like any year, there will be joy and tears whenever PSLE results are announced. Those who have done well deserve to be congratulated for all the effort and work they have put in. Their good PSLE results serve as a verification of their academic prowess and will help to encourage them to continue doing well academically as they move on to the next level of their education.

On the other hand, those who are disappointed should take comfort in the fact that the PSLE exam will not determine their life. If you are unable to get into the school or stream of your choice, use your PSLE results as a form of motivation to work harder towards your goals. The PSLE examination is just the beginning of your academic journey and there is still a long way to go. So do not jeopardise your future by becoming over affected by your PSLE results. Parents should try to serve as a pillar of support during this time

Regardless of whether you did well or not, academic results should not become the main focus of your life. As you move on to secondary school life, try to make the most of those short 4 or 5 years. Make many new friends and participate in co-curricular activities to enrich your school life because at the end of the day, this is what you will remember most from your time there. Of course you shouldn't neglect your studies but you should also try to create as many beautiful memories as possible so that you will be able to one day, look back at them and smile when you recall all the fond memories you've had.

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