Decorating a Unisex Kids’ Room

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Are the kids begging for a newly decorated room to display their individuality? Is one asking for fairies and princesses while the other for cars and planes? It's time to get creative!

Decoration ideas for unisex rooms

Decoration ideas for unisex rooms

What is the best way to decorate a room that’s unisex? The kid's room in our apartment needs to be shared by both my son and daughter.
To divide up the space within the room, use a different colour to identify each child's personal space. If both children like the same colour you can get creative. For example, blue circles on white background, and for the other child, white circles on blue background. Give some kind of separation for two of them. Some examples include a cabinet placed back to back to act as a wall divider, a low partition, picket fence or cushions. You can plan the space by giving them individual corners of the room if space allows.When you put two or more personalities together in a room, regardless of gender, you must balance each child’s need for space and privacy. If sharing is the only option, clever planning and creativity are needed.

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If one child asks for trains, construction and sports, and the other begs for fairies then it is time to use your creativity and your child’s imagination to design a room that reflects both their unique personalities! Try to explore some neutral themed designs like cowboy & cowgirl, Nautical, nature-inspired theme like forest, farm, animal.

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