Popular primary schools in Singapore 2013

Written by Sonia Pasupathy

Our list of 10 popular schools based on past performance and reader feedback.

Choosing a primary school for your child in Singapore can be a stressful process. The complex primary school system doesn’t make it any easier. The entry routes to your choice school are complex and some parents try to take things into their own hands to ensure that their child gets into the primary school of choice. The PM addressed this at the National Day Rally 2013.

Changes are afoot and will be announced in due course, but what are parents to do in the meantime?

MOE has set toward making all schools prime schools and it doesn’t publish a list of primary schools by PSLE grades or other ranking. So we won’t either. We’ll share our list of popular schools based on past performance and reader feedback. Tell us which school you’d like to see on our list next time and why.

Established : 1917
School Mission: Beyond academic excellence: Bicultural in experience; Brilliant in performance; Benevolent in character.
School Vision: Raising generations of Eminent Leaders.
Top PSLE score for 2012: 285

Established : 1956
School Mission: Maximising Potential through the Development of Mind, Body and Soul
School Vision: The School of Tomorrow, Today
Top PSLE score for 2012: 278

Established : 1977
School Mission: Nurturing leaders through a distinctive education in learning and character development
School Vision: A Leader in Every Child - with Talents and Strength of Character
Top PSLE score for 2012: 277

Established : 4th March 1844
School Mission: To develop our pupils to be useful citizens and lifelong learners.
School Vision: A premier school with a vibrant, caring community.
Top PSLE score for 2012: 280

Established : 1886
School Mission: Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) believes in providing an all-round education in an environment which seeks to bring out the potential in every pupil to the fullest, and to develop in him a strong moral character, imbued with Christian values and principles to guide and prepare him for life ahead.
School Vision: Every ACSian a young man of character, capability and creativity.
Top PSLE score for 2012: 279


Established : 15 August 1887
School Mission: To educate every girl in A Christian environment in order that she may Master, Grow and Serve in every phase of her life
School Vision: Godly women of Excellence with a heart of Love
Top PSLE score for 2012: 276

Established : 1899
School Mission: To develop each pupil's character and abilities to her fullest potential according to her individual pace and aspirations, so as to prepare her for meaningful roles in the community.
School Vision: To be an asset to the country by developing capable women of character and relevance
Top PSLE score for 2012: 271

Established : 1934
School Mission: As an Anglican school, we are committed to providing a balanced development of body, mind and spirit for our pupils, to produce God-fearing citizens for our nation.
School Vision: A dynamic learning community that nurtures loyal citizens with global outlook and Godly character.
Top PSLE score for 2012: 277

Established : 1933
School Mission: The mission of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School is the creation of a Christ-centred school community where all work together for the promotion of truth, justice, freedom, and love, with special reference to the needs of pupils who are disadvantaged in any way.
School Vision: Girls of Grace ● Women of Strength ● Leaders with Heart
Top PSLE score for 2012: 276

Established : 1930
School Mission: To cultivate in pupils sound moral and social values, to strive for academic excellence, to develop each pupil to the limits of his abilities and to help each pupil grow into a healthy, happy and responsible individual.
School Vision: Given the right environment and support, all pupils can learn and achieve.
Top PSLE score for 2012: 283

Source: edupoll.com

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