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Over the weekend, I asked my three-year-old preschooler on what she would like to get for her teacher on Teachers’ Day. After thinking for a couple of minutes, she replied, “I will get Teacher a cake - a very big strawberry cake for teachers' day!” She excitedly explained that a huge cake would require sharing and her Teacher always said sharing was caring.

As she went back to playing with her little sister, I thought, a cake does seem like an okay idea for teachers' day, but was it enough? I would rather the teachers receive a thoughtful gift that is useful and meaningful, yet can go a long way.

I mean, what could be worse than buying your child's teacher a pair of cute earrings to show your gratitude, only to find at the next parent-teacher meeting that she doesn't have pierced ears?

To help you out on the quest to find the perfect gifts for your child’s favourite teachers, we asked some teachers here in Singapore what they would like for their special day!

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What do teachers want for Teachers' Day?

Marina Lim, Pathlight School Singapore:

“I would love for my students to work together and draw a picture of me ala-Andy Warhol! I also wish for a mind-reading machine so I can read what’s going on in the minds of my children.”

Aslinda Abdullah, preschool teacher:

“I would love a pair of shoes with cooling gels in the insoles. We teachers run around a lot, so to have those from my students would be terrific!”

Rajwin Kahlon, preschool teacher:

“A full body massage chair, equipped with the legs as well - able to move around, placed at my desk. And it just needs to be plugged in! Don’t think it’s been invented at all though, but that’s what I would want!”

Michelle, preschool teacher:

“As I’m obsessed with hats, I would love for them to get me a quirky head gear!”

Gammar Basharahil, tutor:

“A pen with red ink that never runs out, and a shoulder massager from Osim!”

Shakirah Mastan, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School:

“I would be happy with any of the following – a plush toy in the form of my favourite students/model students, a 3kg chocolate cake with my face on it as a token of appreciation, or for my students to form the words’ we Love You Cikgu/Madam Shakirah’ with themselves, take a picture of it and frame it up for me.”

Abdul Rahim, Springfield Secondary School:

“It would be awesome if I could watch my students hold a performance in my name! I’d be so honoured!”

Yany, White Lodge Kindergarten:

“Maybe a report card by my students? I would love to know what I’m like from their point of view! I would also love something functional or homemade, like stationery or a framed drawing from the child. It never fails to bring out the Awww... in me! “

Amirah Arman, Boon Lay Garden Primary School:

“I'm in need of table decorations - something quirky like portable fans, mugs, magnet, signboards and all that. Oh, I would love to have a Best Teacher Award trophy!”

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Custom Sticky-Note Pads
The small square sticky-notes may be designed and printed in a variety of styles. Upload a small photo of your child with the teacher or use the class photo for the year. Imprint the teacher's name in a bright, pretty font and include stock artwork such as crayons or chalkboards.
Cover for her i-devices!
Regardless of the subject he/she teaches, chances are she uses a laptop, music player, cell phone or other electronic devices. A creative, fun yet simple gift for a plugged-in teacher is the sticky, paper-thin overlay fitted to an electronic device to dress it up from its usual plain casing. There are hundreds of designs available!
Thank You Book
Fill it up with photos and handwritten notes from the students in the classroom. You can use a scrapbook and fill the pages with photos of the teacher with the students. Write your own personal thank you letter to the aide and have the students write their own as well. It’s cute, and can last forever.
A Gift Basket
Bath salts, lotions, perfumes, scented candles and an aromatherapy set is a sure fire way to bring a smile on their faces. Everybody loves a good pampering, and a beautiful gift basket is a perfect way to get that message across. Personalize it by throwing in a hand-made thank you card, plus a picture of your child with the teacher. Add flowers for an extra-special touch.
Personalised Tote Bag
Design a tote bag with a nostalgic touch that the teacher can use to carry homework to grade back and forth to school or hold an assortment of necessities on class field trips. You could get the students to cover the tote with colourful hand prints and signatures.

Do you have other amazing ideas for Teachers Day gifts? theAsianparent wishes all teachers in Singapore a very happy Teachers’ Day!

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