Pregnant woman in coma for 2 years

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Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant when she met with an accident and slipped into a coma. We tell you her miraculous story that is sure to bring a tear to your eye - so keep that tissue-box handy and keep reading...

pregnant woman in a coma

Miracles do happen!

Here is a story that will touch your heart and fill you with hope. It will show you that miracles do happen sometimes.

Three years ago in China, a woman named Zhang Rongxiang was in a devastating car crash. She slipped into a coma as a result of the accident.

Moments after doctors told her husband she would never recover, they made a shocking discovery. She was pregnant. What's more, her unborn child had survived the horrific trauma of the accident.

For the next 5 months, Zhang's devoted husband Gao Dejin looked after his wife at home until doctors were able to perform a C-section to remove their little son, Gao Qianbo from her womb.

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pregnant woman in a coma

Was it this little boy's love and devotion that brought his mum out of her coma?

The little boy spent every day by his mother's bedside ever since. The miracle doesn't stop here though. Earlier this year, Zhang awoke from her coma to the sound of her son's voice!

While she is able to swallow, she cannot chew her food. So to avoid having to eat pureed hospital meals, she is given regular food which Gao Qianbo helpfully chews and then tenderly passes from his mouth to hers.

pregnant woman in a coma

Little Gao Qianbo helping his mummy eat by chewing her food for her and passing it to her, mouth-to-mouth

This story is an achingly beautiful symbol of the love that binds a mother and her son.

But are you wondering how Zhang was able to nurture a baby in her womb while she was in a coma? What about childbirth while a woman is in a coma? How are these things even possible?

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