Nurse decapitated in freak lift accident

Written by Wafa Marican

Faulty lift doors and a momentary lack of attention; a deadly combination that has taken the life of a young woman in the most gruesome of ways. Get the facts about this lift accident as well as learn about surprising lift stats and safety tips.

 Nurse decapitated in freak lift accident

Freak lift accident takes young nurse’s life.

(WARNING: Article contains graphic details and disturbing footage)

A young women has been killed in a freak lift accident. The 24-year-old, named Wang, from Shenzhen China, became trapped in the doors as she tried to exit a packed lift. Due to a suspected malfunction, the lift doors slammed shut before she could walk out. The lift then plunged to the basement level of the commercial building with the woman still trapped.

Wang was a trainee hospital nurse. In the footage, she appears to be wearing her nurse uniform when the freak accident happened last Wednesday morning.

Horror movie scene

According to reports circulating in Weibo, onlookers in the lift were splattered with blood as Wang was decapitated and sliced in half instantaneously.

Comments posted on Youtube in reaction to the footage quickly drew comparisons between this lift accident and a horror movie. Particular reference is made to ‘Final Destination 2’, in which one of the characters is decapitated by lift doors in a very gory scene.

Shocking CCTV footage

Video footage shows the trainee nurse looking at her mobile phone, as she leisurely steps out. It has been reported that this was the key factor in the tragedy, with Asia One saying that: “she had been too engrossed in her phone to notice when the lift malfunctioned”.

WARNING: The video has been censored but still may be disturbing for some viewers. Do not view in front of children

Media blame game

Blame has been pointed at the victim’s casual actions. However, if you take a look at the footage, you’ll notice how quickly the lift doors slam shut, giving Wang little chance.

You can also see how packed the lift is. This overload is also a possible trigger for the malfunction.

 Nurse decapitated in freak lift accident

Onlookers witness the tragic lift accident

In hindsight, if she hadn’t been looking at her phone, she may have been able to react faster. But hindsight is a wonderful thing to use when commenting on freak accidents like this. Perhaps blame should instead be directed at the building’s management or lift engineers, rather than at an innocent nurse who was just using her phone like any other normal person.

Watch: A near fatal lift accident, again from China. 

Lift safety

This case in point is sure to make some readers take the stairs next time. And if you do, you should probably be more afraid. According to sources, about 6-8 people will die in a lift accident every year, compared to nearly 2,000 people meeting their death on the stairs.

Around 1 in 12 million lift rides experience an error. Almost all of these cases do not cause any injury to the passengers.

And if you’re scared about free falling your way into an early grave, you should be even less worried. There has only been one documented case of death involving a lift free fall (excluding cases involving terrorist attacks).

Most lift accident deaths involve people blindly stepping out into empty elevator shafts or being strangled by their scarves that become caught.

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Safety Tips

Nevertheless, you can never be too careful, especially if you’re with children. Here’s some tips for you and your kids:

- Don’t try to squeeze into an already crowded lift.

- Look up when exiting through the doors.

- Do not try to manually operate the lift doors.

- Ensure all loose garments are away from the closing doors.

- When walking, avoid using mobile phone. This one also applies to using stairs and other public transport. Is looking at your texts really more important than looking at where you’re going?

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