In Loving Memory of My Daughter

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Celebrating the life of my daughter Aleisha Seow Kit Yee. She will always be loved.

The Birth Day

Most parents are blessed with one angel at a time, but we were blessed with two. On 13th of October 2006, I became the proud mama of two beautiful girls, Aleisha and Aleina.

Unfortunately, one of my daughters, Aleisha, was born with cysts in her brain, hence was diagnosed as a special child. Because of her fragile condition she was immediately placed in the NICU.

When I first found out about her condition, I felt an overwhelming rush of emotions and cried for a while, before pulling myself together.

My mind flitted to my friend Pauline and her daughter Celine, who had Down Syndrome and heart problems. I told myself that if Pauline could do it and millions of others could do it – I didn’t see any reason why I could not.

The First Episode

On 17th of October, we transferred our precious to HKL due to the mounting bills at Gleaneagles. I was told to check in with her so I would know how to feed Aleisha using ryles tube and so I could bond with her.

However I wanted to get better (I had just had a C-section) and told the Dr that I needed one week before I could check in. The Dr agreed.

The next day we received a call from HKL, to come down. I could barely walk so I called my husband, Steven, who was having a meeting with his new GM, and told him to go straight to see Dr See.

Dr See then dropped the second bomb. Aleisha’s blood test had revealed that she was also suffering from Dysplastic Kidney with Renal Failure. Dr See informed us that her left kidney was not functioning at all and her right kidney was also very weak.

There was nothing much that they could do, as she was just a baby. They told us that her condition was deteriorating, and they could only offer her conservative management and try to make her feel comfortable.

It was around this time that Steven had started his new job too. As you can imagine, it was an extremely stressful period for him; what with his new job, Aleisha’s condition and having to have visit her everyday after work.

I was almost sure that he could not handle it. I kept telling Steven to be patient and to give Aleisha all the love that he possibly could as she did not have much time in this world. I kept telling Steven that I loved him and my love and respect for him was just growing more and more each day.

Aleisha was discharged on the 6th of November after 21 days in NICU. She looked very weak and was on the ryles tube.

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