I’m having Daddy’s baby!

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“Who's your daddy?” We now see another meaning to this phrase. You will too when you read these mind-bogglingly disturbing incestous cases where daddies take advantage of their daughters. Also, brotherly-sisterly love can take on a sick twist too…

Father and daughter incest

The  incestous story of a girl with her father’s baby – genetic sexual attraction

“I’m pregnant with my dad’s baby and we are so in love.” OK, this is a whole new level of sick!

We’ve heard four-year old girls tell their daddies– “I want to marry you and have your baby”. And that sounds adorable — only because baby girls don’t comprehend the concept of love, sex and marriage yet.

But, when the same sentiment is expressed by a 28-year-old woman… then it becomes totally disturbing.

There is definitely something wrong with the way these people were socialized into societal norms. Read on to for some incestuous cases around the globe…

Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA)

Splashed on the front page of an Irish newspaper is the headline: “I’m having Daddy’s baby.”

The story revolves around Garry Ryan who was 18 when he got his girlfriend pregnant but they were forbidden to tie the knot, so Garry went to the States and never got a glimpse of his daughter.

Garry’s baby girl, Penny Lawrence, blossomed into a young lady and went out on a quest to find her missing daddy. When they did meet, they “both felt an immediate sexual attraction.”

Apparently there is a psychological condition called Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), which is a condition they both claim to be suffering from.

They began an incestuous affair just within days of meeting.

Now, 28-year-old Penny lives with her 46-year-old dad as a couple. She shared: “I’m in love with Garry and desperately want his baby. But we have agreed that if my three-month scan shows a birth defect, we will terminate the pregnancy.”

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