The inspiring story of a brave Singaporean boy who did not give in to bullies

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Bullying is a horrible act that unfortunately takes place in many Singaporean schools. Read this heart-wrenching story about a brave young boy who was the target of bullying at school. We hope it will inspire you to think about how we collectively can stop bullying - enough is enough!



We send our children to school with high hopes that they will make friends, do their best and grow into the amazing human beings we know they are.

The last thing we want is for our kids to be intimidated and shamed for things that are far beyond their control.

Dyslexia, often characterised by difficulty in reading and writing, has no effect on the actual intelligence of a child.

Children with dyslexia may need a little more attention and help when it comes to the books, but more often than not, they grow up to be perfectly capable readers and writers.


Dhruv Shetty – the target of vicious bullying – and his mother Deepika Shetty

Meet Dhruv Shetty (and his mother), an amazing little boy who has been troubled by dyslexia from a very young age.

A perfect example of how this condition has absolutely no effect on a person’s intelligence, Dhruv possesses a great sense of humour, has a solid hand when it comes to cricket and bakes his own bread (a feat I’m sure most adults have yet to accomplish).

Yet his mother, Deepika Shetty – also the Arts Correspondent for The Straits Times – posted a heart-wrenching and upsetting story on Facebook about how the children in her son’s school have been treating him.

Read on to find out what this mother and son team has to say about bullying.