Want to know the secret to a good night’s sleep for mum and baby?

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Find out how a good bedtime routine helps to pave the way to a peaceful night for you and your little ones.

bedtime routine for babies

Bedtime calls for a good night’s rest at the end of a day, and babies need ample rest while their little bodies work overnight on their growth developments.

But bedtime does not come easy for many, including the little ones. Those who used to say they wish they can “sleep like a baby”, probably understand that it can’t be further than the truth. When your little one has trouble sleeping or experience interrupted sleep, it makes them cranky and fussy, resulting in frustrated bubs and fatigue parents.

The sleep topic is commonly discussed among fellow parents. Babies cry to communicate and parents often have to run through the elimination method to guess what could be preventing their child from a good night’s sleep. Common causes include: baby is hungry, the room temperature is too hot or too cold, baby is unwell, baby’s clothes are uncomfortable, baby’s diaper is soaked or maybe baby had a nightmare (yes, they do dream too!).

Getting a good night’s sleep was the key topic covered at the Good Night, Sleep Tight Seminar held at Raffles Convention Centre last week. Organised by Drypers, a leading and trusted diaper brand in Singapore, there were two sessions for the event. The first session was catered for parents with babies below 12months old, and the second session for parents with toddlers 12months old and above. During the event, I was introduced to the importance of good bedtime routines and picked up some useful tips on how to get my little one to sleep through the night!

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