10 ways to please your spouse in bed

Written by theAsianparent

Getting bored of 2-minute sessions with your spouse in bed? Spend a little more time in bed during the weekends to satisfy your partner (if possible). Here are 10 tips to help you get a little naughty…

1. Foreplay
There is no need to rush into sex. Take your time and arouse your spouse with a little foreplay – massage, kiss your partner behind his/her ears, move your hands down south – that will definitely get your mood from the scale of 0 to, well, 69.
2. Seductive tunes to get it on...
Put some of your favourite seductive songs on a playlist and leave it on repeat. Avoid cheesy porno songs. Go for songs like Usher’s 'Bad Girl', J Holiday’s 'Bed' and Beyonce’s 'Dance For You', just to name a few. Ladies, do a little striptease if you can.
3. Wear something mischievous
Ladies, put on some hot looking lingerie and seduce your man. Let him discover your curves. Let’s face it. Men love a little mystery. You don’t have to spend a fortune on lingerie. Keep it simple and let his imagination run wild.
4. Relax
Don’t be nervous. Take all the time you need to relax with your partner. Feel and bask in the closeness..Remember you’re not in bed with a stranger but your wife/husband.
5. Talk dirty to me
Don’t be shy-- talk dirty! Let your partner know that you’re into the moment with him/her. Read up on a short sex story before your “session” to get some ideas. Remember, be natural and put some ‘sexy’ in your voice.
6. Communicate
Talk to your partner if he/she looks uncomfortable. There might be something bothering your spouse at the moment. Take your sweetheart's worries away and get your darling into the comfort zone.
7. Have a sense of humour
Referring to tips 5 and 6, joke with your partner and make your sweetie laugh every time you say something. He/she will open up to you if there might be something bothering your sweetheart at that moment. Your jokes will also get your dirty talk flowing.
8. Get creative
Don’t be afraid to get a little naughty and creative. Dim the lights, sprinkle your bed with rose petals, and light up some aroma candles. Ladies, turn your man on with a striptease and maybe a lap dance. Guys, if you could pull off a little Magic Mike, that will definitely turn her on.
9. Try different positions
Steam up your sex session with different positions like the reverse cowgirl, waterfall, the master chef, and anything that pops up in your head. Don’t hesitate to try new positions. It can be a great workout!
10. Have sex out of the bedroom
It’s fantastic if you could have the whole house to yourself. Try having sex out of the bedroom – the bathtub, on top of the washing machine, on the kitchen floor – anywhere that will get your sexy on as long as your kids can’t see you. Put ‘fun and sexy’ in your sex life and your partner will come running back to you every night…well, at least every weekend. Enjoy!

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